Question about Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Coop

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Question about Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Coop

I am not sure if this has been brought up before, but with singleplayer/multiplayer/coop are there plans for something like role selection or would we be randomly assigned (x) person to play as?

Have we also confirmed the squad sizes?

Thanks in advance if there is anything you can share with us!
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Re: Question about Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Coop

Roles are determined by the mission in the single player campaign. Players will get more flexibility in co-op, which we will talk about more once we announce the multiplayer features. In all cases, four players act at the fireteam level, and there are NPC's within the operational area in addition to this.

Also, we plan to grow the player sizes over time, but we’re starting with four person fireteams.
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