Patch 0.1.2

Patch notes and fixes for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Patch 0.1.2

With day two of Early Access under way, we wanted to push another update to address more bug fixes and community requests. Thank you again to our community for helping identify some of these issues! Patch 0.1.2 is available now on Steam!

Please restart the Steam client to download the latest build.

Patch Notes:

  • Option for reloading with Tap, instead of Hold
  • Ammo Check HUD displayed more quickly
  • Increased allowed mission times for Apartment and Compound
  • Decreased mortar accuracy... but standing in the street is still not advised!
  • Scope magnification now consistent between M16 fire modes
  • “Fire” achievement is now awarded correctly
  • "Completed Basic Training" achievement renamed to "First Promotion"
  • AI are more decisive when maneuvering long distances
  • Pathfinding fixes for some environment combinations
  • Fixes for the two most frequent crashes
For bugs we're currently tracking, please see our Known Issues list.

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