Wargame Update Notes

Patch notes and fixes for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Wargame Update Notes

NEW: Wargame Mode, night missions with Flares, and Sandstorms.

Please restart the Steam client to download the latest build.

  • Night missions with Flares
    • Flares flicker and move across the sky
    • Reduced visibility in the darkness
    • Improved concealment from enemy AI
    • Flashlights and muzzle flashes reveal position to enemy AI
  • Sandstorm
    • Sandstorms sweep violently through the battlefield
    • Reduced visibility and hearing
    • Reduced radio effectiveness
    • Introduced player “cough” mechanic, interrupting comms and alerting enemies
  • Wargame Mode
    • Customize the simulation in Six Days
    • Time-of-day selection, including Flares
    • Weather selection, including Sandstorm
    • Mission selection
    • Role selection
      • “Ranked Selection”—choose preferred fireteam role
      • “Unrestricted”—any player can play in any role
        • NOTE: Team Lead can still assign roles on the UI but player choice takes priority (we’re improving this for the future)
    • Hard variant “FUBAR” for Fireteam missions
    • “Hard” difficulty option for enemy AI
    • “Survival Rules”
      • No reinforcements—AAV respawns disabled
      • No KIA Allowed—mission failure upon player KIA
    • Mission timers can be extended, reduced, or disabled
    • Mission intro cinematics can be disabled
    • Procedural Architecture sliders
      • Exteriors — Fewer/More Structures and More Accessible/Constrained
      • Interiors — Sparse/Crowded Interiors and More Open/Fortified
  • Enemy AI can lure players into traps
  • Enemy AI now throw grenades
  • Improved enemy AI suppressive fire
  • Improved enemy AI ability to create fatal funnels with PKM
  • Improved tracers to pass through windows
  • Reduced audible “hammer click” to one when weapon is empty
  • Added automatic adaptive noise gates on player VOIP
  • Added visible F16 and AC-130 models to jet flybys
  • Tuned fireteam missions with new features in mind
  • Upscaler sometimes gets disabled, causing degraded performance. To fix this,
    go to your graphics settings and turn the Upscaler back on.
  • Added support for Portuguese language
  • Improved support for Korean language
  • Fixed the known cause for players being unable to ADS after swapping weapons
  • Fixed the known cause for blurry scopes when ADS’ing
  • Fixed an issue causing “Windy” weather to roll too often
  • Fixed an issue causing mission objectives to be unsynced for host and clients
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple explosives planted on armory in Ruins
  • Fixed an issue causing players to fall through the map on Water Tower and Compound
  • Fixed an issue causing “Reinforcements available from AAV” to display under false conditions
  • Fixed an issue causing grenades to display incorrectly on vest UI
  • Fixed an issue causing overlapping invites in lobby
  • Fixed an issue causing “robotic” player VOIP
  • Fixed an issue in which IEDS on Apartments were silent
  • Fixed an issue in which player radio remained open upon death
  • Fixed an issue in which “Ghost” radio persisted for clients after respawning
  • Fixed an issue in which auto-detect didn’t first reset to default settings
  • Fixed an issue in which gamepad functionality was lost after using auto-detect
  • Fixed an issue in which framerate uncaps after changing graphics settings
  • Fixed an issue in which hanging rugs were clipping through geometry
  • Fixed an issue in which players were killed through geometry by VBIEDs
  • Fixed an issue in which staircases were obstructed by geometry
  • Fixed an issue in which enemy AI couldn’t pass through holes in walls
  • Fixed an issue in which VBIEDS were stopped by M203 “duds”
  • Fixed an issue in which M203 grenade “duds” still detonated
  • Various AI behavior fixes
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Various fixes for common crashes
For bugs we're currently tracking, please see our Known Issues list.

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