Patch 0.1.4

Patch notes and fixes for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Patch 0.1.4

We’re back with our fourth patch, bringing the largest number of bug fixes to the game so far. We also have more community requests coming online, including separate keybinds for local chat and radio. Patch 0.1.4 is available now on Steam!

Please restart the Steam client to download the latest build.

  • Added separate keybinds for “Local Voice Mute/Talk” and “Use Radio”
  • Reworked Push-To-Talk Options: “On (Toggle Off)” , “Off (Hold to Talk)” , and “Off (Toggle On)”
  • Added “Ghost” Communication System – KIA players are muted for 7 seconds. Afterwards, local chat is limited to other KIA players. Radio can still access live players.
  • Added icon to indicate player currently talking in lobby and pause menu
  • Improved quality of ACOG when ADS
  • Added tutorial message for Sprint
  • Adjusted Auto-Lean curves to improve stickiness and player exposure in fatal funnels
  • Interact labels are smaller, less opaque, and scale properly in Fullscreen mode
  • Team Lead’s SAT-MAP cursor now moves faster on gamepad
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to experience a rank reset (more coming)
  • Fixed an issue preventing experience from being displayed on progression bars after mission completes
  • Fixed an issue causing performance drops after 0.1.3
  • Fixed an issue causing some blurriness and performance drops when ADS’ing using ACOG (more coming)
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck when holding both lean inputs
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck in doors when slow-opening
  • Fixed an issue preventing push-to-talk keybinds from being supported across all input types
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from using radio after respawning
  • Fixed an issue preventing player promotions to be displayed in after-action report
  • Fixed an issue preventing players in “Ready” role from burst-firing M16
  • Fixed an issue preventing game language from being prioritized over Steam language, if specified
  • Fixed an issue in which side-mouse buttons didn’t function during loading screens
  • Fixed an issue in which Auto-Lean activated despite being turned off
  • Fixed an issue in which ADS removed players from manual lean
  • Fixed an issue in which DLSS overrode FSR
  • Fixed an issue in which VBIED emergent objective didn’t complete
  • Fixed an issue in which secondary objective disappeared from FRAGO after destroying armory
  • Fixed an issue in which cancelling recently changed input device didn’t revert selection
  • Fixed various crashes and technical issues
We also want to take a moment to thank members of our community for helping us troubleshoot some of the more elusive issues we’re tracking. Your logs have led our investigations around VOIP and Rank Resets to specific errors on the backend. While these investigations are still ongoing, we want to thank everyone for their patience, and we want to especially thank these community members for their support.

For a full list of bugs we're currently tracking, please see our Known Issues.

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