Patch 0.2.2

Patch notes and fixes for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Patch 0.2.2

Today’s patch is a smaller maintenance patch that fixes another known cause for players sometimes being unable to interact with IEDS in Apartments. We’re also including improvements to our matchmaking system (see below). Patch 0.2.2 is available now on Steam!

Please restart the Steam client to download the latest build.

  • Fixed another known cause for players being unable to interact with IEDS on Apartments
  • Fixed an issue in which players experience a crash or broken world state in Wargame
This patch also aims to reduce networking-related issues through improved matchmaking. Many of the networking issues being reported right now are the result of one (or more) of the players in a particular game session having high ping. Our new system does a better job keeping players who are in the same geographic region together in the hope of reducing the number of games in which there are higher-ping players.

Please be aware that we will be conducting a series of tests, and continually iterating on this system, in the coming weeks. You might see a mixture of results as we roll out this new system, but hopefully most of these will be an improvement!

For a full list of bugs we're currently tracking, please see our Known Issues.

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