SITREP: Breaching Preview

Series of developer diaries for Six Days in Fallujah.
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SITREP: Breaching Preview

Sgt. Kyle wrote:Clearing a building in Fallujah always begins with the building before it.
As we've been promising for some time, we're now ready to begin a series of SITREPs about breaching and Marine tactics, starting with some things that made breaching in Fallujah different than other games have explored.

Before Marines and Soldiers could solve one problem, they had to tackle the problem that preceded it. Combat operations presented a series of challenges that were in constant motion, and the ability to make split-second decisions meant the difference between mission failure and success. Servicemen and women often applied the OODA loop—short for observe, orient, decide, act—to work through the ever-changing web of conflict presented by urban combat.

However, the "observation" phase in Fallujah was vastly different than videogames have explored in the past. Across the last couple decades, players in tactical games were not only given the tools to survey enemies beyond a door, but they were also allotted the respected time to do so. In Fallujah, none of this was possible as Marines and Soldiers were continually operating in a hostile 360-degree environment. The threat of the enemy was constant, pressure was high, and fire could come from any direction at any time. Let’s also not forget that none of them carried the optical devices needed to gain visibility through doors and walls.

Before breaching a building or compound in Fallujah, it's essential to take a moment to pause, listen, and observe across the entire fireteam. How many windows does the building have? Are Insurgents visible from the outside of the compound? What material is the front door made of? Can you hear anyone inside?

“Orientation” and “decision” phases follow immediately afterwards, with heavy communication between the fireteam on threats, roles and responsibilities, and changing variables in combat. Enemies could be flooding the first-floor, and the only viable entry point is on the roof. Perhaps mortars are raining down on the rooftops. What about the back door? Are there alternate routes available?

Finally, the “action” phase pieces all of it together. As a unit, fireteams should execute breaches with violence and speed to achieve momentum. Overwhelm your target with firepower and force and hold every piece of covered ground. And communication certainly doesn’t stop once inside. Immediately call out open doors and windows and cover them with your weapon. Once you've achieved your foothold, ensure momentum by moving quickly to the next breach.

So, here's a 1-minute introductory look at breaching and room clearing in Six Days in Fallujah before we break for the holidays. We'll be going into more details early next year about the various ways players can breach doors, how to use observation before entry, as well as picking the best entry point and techniques.

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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

Looks good so far. I have a few questions though but I'll leave it at just a couple for now.....

Are comms going to take proximity into consideration? I thought it was but in the video the team leader is close enough to speak to his team at times yet he still uses the radio. ....although I suppose it has to take into consideration one of the team members might be out of earshot at any given time.

Also, I take it details like muzzle flash (especially indoors; in darkened environments) will be added later?

Thanks for the update although I will have to admit I expected a lot more in regard to learning about the game mechanics, etc. Still, good to see it seems to be going in the direction I had hoped.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

Nice to see another look at the gameplay, even if short! I like the slow, deliberate movements reminescenting games like Arma or (dare I say it) Ready or Not. Also, I noticed one player leaning - again, great to see that ability in Six Days. Also, the animation of turning the microphone on when players use the radio - that's just amazing!

I'm not really a fan of the GUI - seems very "in your face", but I guess this is going to change, or maybe we'll even get option to customize what is displayed and when. Also, the FOV seems a bit restrictive, but again, I hope it will be customizable, at least on PCs.

One thing that I talked about in other thread, and I can see how it would help the guy doing recording - ability to turn your head regardless of where gun is aiming, or what animation/action is being done. The obstacle at the end didn't look so high that going over it requires looking carefully at it and the ground - and not having "eyes" locked to the ground would probably help in properly communicating to others where's the enemy at.

Having said that - I really like that short clip, definitely shows that the game aims for more serious approach to the gameplay.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

Appreciate the update!

I like how they breached that door. I will say, the graphics look great as well as the Marines and insurgents.

My only criticism at the moment is that the teammates, while moving around, look pretty choppy. I'm sure y'all will clean this up but the player movement and the insurgents looked smooth and clean.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

You guys are doing amazing! I know this is still Alpha build but it looks very good for what is is.
Quick questions as to what you showed us so far:

1.) I don't particularly mind the out of focus effect on the gun, but a good deal of people do mind it. Is that a toggle-able feature?
2.) Is the UI toggleable for the names above the Marines' heads?
3.) The choppiness of the Marines' movement. Is that a network issue?

Otherwise, MAN that sound design and first person animation work! Seriously, you guys nailed interior gunshots.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

If this is anything like the last SITREP you can probably expect this to be covered by a lot of YouTubers, hopefully this'll remind everyone that development is still in full swing since a lot of people seem to think the game has just been completely canceled again, overall I'm happy with we got to see in this clip and I hope to see more gameplay after the holidays.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

Yep called it hope more videos like this are on there way, something I failed to notice first time around is the ammo pouch on the stock of the M16.
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Videos like this are sure to get Six days back into people's heads, and I'm really excited to see what else is waiting for us next year.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

As @Kean_1 mentioned, I do have to say I also expected a bit more, however -- it does look to be going in the direction that I hoped for, just maybe not as far along and with as much polish quite yet. However -- if its only alpha, I'd wager its safe to assume that the issues Aggimajera mentioned will be resolved by release.

So far so good :)
I thought Amper had mentioned an updated release timeline was going to be in this SITREP, but it doesn't appear to be so? I'm guessing we're looking towards Spring/Summer 2023.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

Feel the same as well, definitely excpeted a bit more with this especially after the long wait, but I'm happy with what we got with this, and as for a realese date timeline that's something else I assumed would also be shown here coupled with this SITREP, as munchuh said I'm also expecting a realese of spring/summer, this gives them plenty of time to polish the game as well as workout bugs, really excited to see what comes next.
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Re: SITREP: Breaching Preview

Is it possible to be a part of the beta testing?
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