SITREP: Audio Design

Series of developer diaries for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Re: SITREP: Audio Design

This game looks to be shaping up to be nothing short of phenomenal!

I am in my early thirties and have been gaming for at least 2/3 of my life, and this game just looks like what I always hoped the future of the FPS genre would be. I cannot wait to experience this game and I am thoroughly impressed with the mammoth undertaking that the devs have tackled in making this game a reality.

From the early days of development and political controversy I was fearful that this would be an obstacle to the game being made. It is so clear to see that this is a project of passion to not only gamers and military history enthusiasts but first and foremost to highlight the incredible courage and bravery of the USMC and U.S Army personnel that found themselves embroiled in the second battle of Fallujah. This battle of which was the fiercest combat witnessed since 1968 and some of the toughest urban fighting that any serviceman could be expected to endure. Not to mention the harrowing reality of daily life for Iraqi civilians that were not able or not willing to leave the city and the fear they must've felt being caught in the crossfire of the conflict.

I hope this game is everything that the developers are striving for it to be, and I'm sure the community will love it.
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