DEVLOG: November 17, 2023

Series of developer diaries for Six Days in Fallujah.
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DEVLOG: November 17, 2023

We’re excited to announce three new Fireteam missions will be added to Six Days in Fallujah in December! All three missions are set in and around the Jolan Amusement Park, located just south of the North Jolan District featured in the first four missions.

Jolan Amusement Park is a war-torn fairground that has become anything but amusing. Located a quarter mile south of the AO of our first set of Fireteam missions, JAP is decorated with several iconic points of interest—a Ferris wheel, octopus ride with frog cars, rocket merry-go-round, and concession buildings with outdoor sitting areas.

What separates JAP from our current Fireteam missions is combat geometry. Currently, our Fireteam missions have a heavy emphasis on house-clearing. CQB is at the forefront of our core gameplay experience, but what does urban combat look like without dense structures, claustrophobic alleys, and cluttered interiors? It looks like Jolan Amusement Park, with long lines of sight, little cover opportunities, and an enemy force that could attack from anywhere.
Developer Comment wrote:You feel like you’re being watched from all sides when playing in Jolan Park. If you’re not careful, it could become a kill-box for players very quickly.
Also, we know many of you are waiting anxiously for our single-player mode that lets you lead a fireteam of Marine AI teammates with our unique Go Command system. Our Marine AI and Go Commands are now in very late stages of development, and we plan to begin user testing in December. Our goal is now to release the single-player mode during Q1, rather than this quarter, as we had originally hoped.

As we get closer to the release of our Q4-update, we’ll take a deeper dive into the missions coming online with another entry in our developer diary series—SITREPs. As always, you can follow our development progress with our updated roadmap here.

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