Roles or classes in a fire squad?

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Roles or classes in a fire squad?

Hello, will there be roles or classes in a squad? If so what would they be? For example would we have a medic who's able to heal the team. How does the health system work? Do you drop down after a certain amount of damage? Is it once you're dead that's it? Or do you go down but are allowed to be revived by the team? If you're able to be revived would there be a drag feature to drag your teammate to safety during a firefight? Sorry for all the questions back to back just curious
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Re: Roles or classes in a fire squad?

We owe the community a SITREP on dedicated Marine roles, but for now:

Yes, there are roles within a fireteam that dictate what loadout you bring into battle. There's some details on this here.

We haven't taken a deep-dive into our health system yet, but you can administer first-aid to yourself and members of your squad if you reach them in time.
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