Adversarial Multiplayer Suggestion

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Adversarial Multiplayer Suggestion

Alright, so hear me out. We don't want to be disingenuous to the subject matter here. I have an idea to kind of do a throwback, as well as make sure that nobody really gets "offended".

To do this, lets look at an old classic ethos "Nobody wants to play the bad guy". Now I know this sounds weird. This idea in games was really brought forward with the original Rainbow Six game on PC. Tom Clancy himself brought the idea up that nobody should have to play the bad guy and it turned into a training scenario with chalk rounds. However, endless training, and in this games case probably MILES system or paint rounds would require alot of additional work.

Fast forward to 2002 and of all people, the US Army come up with a solution with America's Army. What ever team you are on, you play as The US Army. The bad guys are ALWAYS the OPFOR. This continues to this day in the America's Army games with AA3, and AA Proving Grounds.

I feel as though this can be a solution to allow for objective based game modes, with or without respawns, and avoid the inevitable media "Oh you can play as terrorists".
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