Door breaching and squad

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Door breaching and squad

Hi, this is my first time in this forum. I am really excited for the game. However I do have a few concerns and suggestions.
In all the trailers so far about this game I am seeing either the player or the AI teammates stands in front of the door while and even after breaching. I think this should be addressed as that is a sure way of getting shot. Unless there is no place to get to the side like a narrow hallway with door at the end, neither the AI nor the player should stand in front. I hope this is in the works.
One suggestion I want to give is in single player to have a larger team size than just a 4 man fireteam. If the story suggests that only 4 guys were left and the did certain thing then that's fine. but I would also want to see a bit bigger team like 8 man squad of 2 fireteam including the player and I can perform fire and maneuver tactics like the first 2 Brothers in Arms or Full spectrum warrior titles and player can be TL of Alpha team (let's say). I think this would make things easier and more authentic especially in larger fights.
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Re: Door breaching and squad

Yes, we have made improvements to our breaches since our last gameplay showcase. We also plan to expand the fireteam sizes over time.

Thanks for the feedback on this, and welcome to the forums!
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