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Other USMC wepons and equipment we should see

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2022 4:43 pm
by Enthusiast
I mentioned something similar to this in my last post but that's was mainly related to air support and vehicles in this post I'm gonna be talking about some of the other wepons I expect to see for the game starting off with the m240b.Now I understand that we already have a weapon to lay down suppressive fire in this case being the saw,but you have to into account how both of these wepons perform in different combat scenarios.First of the m240 fires the more powerful 762×39mm round instead of 556 the larger calibre offering more Penatratetion through thicker cover and kill more quickly while the m249 fires faster offering for better suppressive fire and a larger mag, 200 rounds.Another weapon worth note would be the m14 as well as the marksman variant the m21,this along with other long ranged rifles like the m40 sniper wouldn't be ideal for room clearing they would be perfect for long distance engagements and ambushing insurgents which brings me to the next weapon the barret a 50 caliber sniper rifle which also begs the question if we will get to play as navys seals seeing how this and m110 are part of thier arsnel as they were present during the second battle of fallujah.I guess another thing to mention would the different sights and scopes for certain weapon we Already know we'll have the acog for the M16A4 so I'm curious to see what else we'll have for the m249 and other wepons,I'm also speculating if we'll have access to the m2 browning or Mark 19 40mm grenade Launcher or at4 rocket launcher though I'm only saying this as the insurgents have access to another high caliber machine gun the dshk.Well that about wraps things up I mainly made this post because we've only gotten 4 wepons shown for the marines and really hope we'll get see the guns mentioned in this post and hopefully we'll see more previewed as well in an update with that being said can't wait for this games release in December.

Re: Other USMC wepons and equipment we should see

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2022 10:49 am
by Mudroc0311
Our 0331's didn't have the 240 Bravo they had the 240 Golf.

It would be interesting to see what attachments the SAW would get. One of my most favorite piece of equipment is the AN/PAS 13. Along with the AN/PVS 17.

Although, I was issued the AN/PVS 7 Bravos with a PEQ 2 which wasn't bad either...

I still remember looking through my NVGs on D Day +1 and hunting for targets using the IR flood light and IR laser. Shortly there after all of RCT 7 started doing the same. It quickly became a IR laser light show 😆. Mix that with the sounds of Psy Ops and we had ourselves quite the show...

Re: Other USMC wepons and equipment we should see

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2022 8:39 am
by AmperCamper
The weapons showcased in our SITREP are primarily those that have been included in the stories that have been shared with us. Keep in mind that this weapons list was also not exhaustive.

Thanks for all the suggestions on this! I'll forward to the team.

Re: Other USMC wepons and equipment we should see

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2022 11:45 am
by Enthusiast
Wow I was not expecting to get a reply from you I gotta i applaud you for being so active on the forums and frequently answering the community's questions but besides that thank you for forwarding this to the team amper and I hope they'll take my suggestions seriously.