Suggestion for gunshot audio

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Suggestion for gunshot audio

The audio shared in the sitreps sounds amazing, but I noticed one thing that I believe needs improvement on.

The incoming bullet snaps are subtle and quiet. I think the bullet snaps (the sound of a bullet breaking the sound barrier) should be louder. Not only are they very loud in real life, but a scary, loud, sudden “CRACK” would scare the player more, increasing the fear of getting shot.

The snap also helps differentiate incoming fire from outgoing fire. Incoming fire has a loud snap, outgoing doesn’t have the snap. So it’s a good way to know if you’re getting shot at.

Insurgency sandstorm and ARMA reforger do a good job of replicating the snaps. When I get shot at in Arma reforger, it’s like a jumpscare, especially when a shot comes out of nowhere. I think that effect should be present in SDIF to create a more thrilling and authentic experience.

A snap that’s as intense as this video is what I’m talking about:

I’m aware cameras have a certain amount of distortion, but you guys got the sound down very well despite the snap, I’m just suggesting that the snap should be louder and more intense.
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Re: Suggestion for gunshot audio

Thanks for the feedback on this, Trees. I'm about to jump into more SITREP feedback today, too.

We have varying accounts on what bullets sounded like going past the subject. Some say it whizzes without a crack, some say it cracks without a whiz, and some say it's both. As far as physics goes, supersonic rounds should crack and subsonic rounds should whiz, and Insurgents used a mixture (though mostly supersonic).

For our audio demonstrations, there were mostly whizzes. Cracks are present, and we could introduce more. But, there is a balancing act here based on the accounts that were shared with us. We're still tuning and mixing these, too.
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