Idea if a training ground is set to appear.

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Idea if a training ground is set to appear.

So, I was originally not too keen on the idea of including a training section but after playing a few tactical shooters (like Ready or Not for example) I've come to the idea that something like that is needed if devs are concerned about player retention.

Think about It, if a person buys a grounded realistic FPS Game, doesn't know anything about It nor has any experience on the genre prior hand and plays It like your average Call of Duty match, then proceeds to die on and on simple because he didn't know the basics beforehand.

This is why so many people have not returned or even refunded, among other things obviously.

I do love hard games (although not a fan of Dark Souls because I don't like medieval stuff) but for some games I reckon devs must put an extensive like boot camp to learn the basics, I wish Squad did that, still Six Days is yet to be released but I expect It to be moderately challenging, Ready or Not is indeed very challenging.

Thanks for reading.

~ Karma
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Re: Idea if a training ground is set to appear.

Thanks for this suggestion. We very much appreciate this one because we agree with your two points:

Six Days will be a “challenging” game, especially for players who try to “run-and-gun” like it was COD. And, most players haven’t had adequate exposure to genuine CQB tactics (which also extend beyond the basics in games like COD). Understanding the CQB basics will offer far more satisfaction in our highly realistic game.

Our need to solve this is amplified by the heavily cooperative nature of the game: success in Six Days will depend on everyone on the team doing their part. We probably won’t say a lot about this publicly until we release the game, but please know we are experimenting with a variety of ways to teach these CQB basics in the game.
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