Melee Combat

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Re: Melee Combat

I also agree with Raven's idea, left mouse click for CQC like MGSV did was great, although it would be hard to implement for a tactical shooter because shooting a gun is more important than the Melee attacks that are easily available in Stealth games, also seen in older Splinter Cells.
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Re: Melee Combat

Raven wrote: Fri Dec 03, 2021 4:17 pm A very good example of melee combat which could be expanded is IMHO Metal Gear Solid's CQC.

Realistic Close Quarter Combat with different weapons (knives, hands-only, sidearm buttstocks, rifle buttstocks) would be really, really good and unique.
The only pitfall I see if it would undermine the savagery of hand-to-hand fights to the death. In the MGS games, Snake is a spec-ops soldier with decades of experience who can navigate fights with expert precision. Even though we were taught MCMAP, most Marines aren’t specialized in close-quarters combat like that.

The fights would to be more akin to what Pvt. Mellish went through in Saving Private Ryan: a savage race to fight dirtier than the other guy.

Gameplay wise, that’s gotta be tough to pull off outside of a QTE or rapid button presses.
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