Reloads, round management, and weapon malfunction

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Re: Reloads, round management, and weapon malfunction

Trood wrote: Sun Jun 13, 2021 4:18 pm Here are some suggestions I have longed for in a game when talking about round management and weapon functionality.

30+1 (magazine + round in chamber)

Generally speaking, prior to engagement, it is expected to have a round in the chamber with a Full magazine (30+1). If you were to shoot off a few rounds and reload, again you would have 30+1.
This makes things seamless as you can continue fire following reload without clambering a round. Additionally, you have the "panick" round which is the single round. (Asking for the panick round is to much in my opinion, but needless to say would be jaw dropping)

If you were to empty all rounds being fed; the slide would lock back, (Generally, and dependent on weapon variant/platform) a new magazine would be entered, and the slide released. (AR variant Generally slap or pull, would be cool to see both techniques used dependent on situation) in this situation you would then have 29+1 and the reload would take longer... very critical when looking at the seconds in a tactical situation.


Fixed number of magazines prior to mission.
Let's use 10 magazines with 30 rounds.

If you shoot six rounds and reload, when that magazine is reloaded again, or hits the cycle it now has 24.

If this method is adopted different types of reloads could be considered!


The tap of the reload button (faster reload) Causes the magazine to dropped to the floor and not retained until retrieved later.

Holding of the reload button, causes the magazine to be retained, but the Magazine then has to be placed back into the kit. And takes a bit longer

Every magazine maintains its indivual 30 rounds.

Consider, No pooling of ammunition example: 300 rounds in call of duty

Weapon malfunction & Jams.

The last game I saw get this right was far cry... YEARS AGO.
The encorporation of jams would be incredible, again, tying back to magazine management. M4, m16a1 etc are notorious for the double feed jam, dud rounds Etc. strike a double feed jam? Loose the rounds that were cleared to return to function.
Worst fear possible is a jam and a bind. Bad combo, heart racing!

Anyways, enough about my ramble. I hope these suggestions are recived well and a wish would be to see a portion of this in game.

Keep up the great work!
Great suggestion! Many shooters nowadays have embraced the mag retention feature and its amazing. Knowing how many rounds you have on you and having to keep track is such a far cry from just fire and forget. I love your reloading ideas (especially the drop mag idea) and hope they get some recognition from the team!
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