Message to Devs about Sound Design for Six Days in Fallujah

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Message to Devs about Sound Design for Six Days in Fallujah

Afghan Marine Infantry Veteran here and I have a couple of thoughts about sound design for the game.

Please make sound design a priority in this game. I have been excited since I heard about this game when it got canceled the first time. Please try to copy cat something like Insurgency (the game) and Battlefield 3 when it comes to combat voice chatter (voice lines under fire, teammate communications, etc).

Also, please focus on making the sound design as far as explosions, footsteps, gunfire feel realistic. Make sure the player can estimate distance and direction based on sound.

Focus on directional audio as much as you can.

Focus on making gun sounds meaty and give a feeling of power (increase gunfire noise indoors to very loud levels).

Here are compilations of games with great in game voice chatter in combat:

Battlefield 3 Sounds - U.S Infantry VOs

Insurgency - ALL Security voice lines

I would really like this game to be successful as I feel a mature game giving an accurate portrayal of urban combat in Iraq is due. My platoon Sergeant and mentor was a Fallujah veteran and I look forward to getting my hands on this game and getting all 6 of my buds to buy a copy.

PS: If you haven't already, hire Mike Tsarouhas to do some voice acting. His voice acting for combat roles is 10/10 and he will drive the feeling of authenticity and believably for this setting.
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Re: Message to Devs about Sound Design for Six Days in Fallujah

Nice Idea and i think the devs will have time for it or just working on it Right now and also If you search their Website page you will see they want to Relase the game late 2021. I hope your Idea will be considered. :D
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Re: Message to Devs about Sound Design for Six Days in Fallujah


Thanks for joining the forums as a veteran and sharing your thoughts on sound design for Six Days. We agree that it's vital to the experience, and we're aiming to be as authentic as possible. These are stories coming from those who were there, and our design will be a reflection of that—what those on the ground in Fallujah actually heard.

We appreciate the references!
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