Possible to stop blocked players from match making with me?

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Re: Possible to stop blocked players from match making with me?

quakeroatz wrote: Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:11 am I was thinking about this and wondered if there could be a confidence vote feature.

Perhaps when a new higher rank player enters an existing wargame lobby, And bumps the current team lead. And this lobby has three or four players, The two or three lower ranked players can initiate a confidence vote.

If the new new team lead loses the confidence vote, they are bumped down and the 2nd highest rank player becomes leads. This way toxic teen leads can be demoted and kicked.

This would also require a no-kick period when any new team lead is assigned so that they wouldn't be able to kick others that would potentially vote against them.

From the backend, I'm sure a query of which players have lost confidence votes will quickly show you who the problem players are. Perhaps a confidence rating could be attached to a players profile, and if it's very high, this player won't be able to become team lead automatically when joining existing matches.
Something like that would be good option to add as well. Not sure exactly how that'd work but also giving the option to not match up with a player because we've all ran into toxic players in game from team killer goofballs to other players that we don't ever want to play with. I went into a random team once and they were all friends. He team killed me and thought it was hilarious then when he had to do a revive I killed him for killing me then he proceeded to call me the n word because he was so mad and was telling his friends to kill me. This happened a long time ago so I don't remember the guy.
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