Who, where , what?

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Who, where , what?

It's difficult to know who is available to play, or is already in play, let me explain:

It is regular to see that some players have launched game without knowing if there's free slot to play with them. Would it be possible to create a color system indicating whether the player plays, waits, unavailable and the number of slots available in host session?. Would it be possible to join them in party (JIP)?

status exemple in friend list that we can join by clicking on the host name perhaps:

mohjett [1/4] = mohjett is in game, hosting and you can join him!
mohjett = ready to go to fight and waiting orders!
mohjett = i'll be back!

Can u create in friends list a white/black list button to accept only certain player for a game? this is like a filter for ensure some player have reserved slot. The other dont see mohjett.
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Re: Who, where , what?

Yes, we'd like to expand our social features for the future. I'll note down this feedback, thanks!

Additionally, do you have examples of other titles who do a great job at this, for reference?
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