Wargame patch broke my game

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Wargame patch broke my game

Prior to the patch all was fine. No issues whatsoever. After the patch I'm getting extremely slow loading times for missions, both fireteam and wargame, and when the mission eventually loads the performance is trash and I instantly fall through the map. Thereafter I have to alt+f4 to kill the game or end the task if that doesn't work. Managed to get a fireteam mission running, after the long loading time, and I spawned in some random corner of the map with no intro regarding the mission. I turned around to get my bearing and then fell through the map.

I've re-validated the game files as well. Next is to reinstall. Thought I'd just share my experience so long. Will update after I've reinstalled the game.

Running on:
i5 13600k
Tuf gaming B660M-Plus D4
4x corsair 8GB DDR4 running at 1600Mhz
Gigabyte RTX 3060ti
Windows 10 with latest patch.
Gefore driver 537.34
Game installed on SSD.

Reinstall of game solved the problem.
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Re: Wargame patch broke my game

Thanks for letting us know. I'll take this to the team.

Please do let us know if you experience this again.
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