HUD scaling issues on non-16:9 aspect ratios

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HUD scaling issues on non-16:9 aspect ratios

I'm playing on a 5:4 aspect ratio monitor, and when using it's native resolution (1280x1024) a number of HUD/GUI elements ain't visible - displayed behind the physical borders of the screen. Those are left-side compass indicator, right-side vest/ammo count and the keybind menu.

Now, there is an option to switch to a lower resolution, but even on 16:10 aspect ratio (1280x800) compass and vest are clipping out of the screen a bit (although they are perfectly useable). The only resolution/aspect ratio that doesn't clip at all is 16:9 (1280x720), but on a screen like mine the image is rather small (enough that many other HUD elements, like vaulting/breaching key prompts are hard to read). It would be great if in future the HUD would scale/change position depending on screen aspect ratio.

Oh, BTW: after changing the resolution to lower, game won't allow me to go back to the native 1280x1024 - this option disappears completely (1280x960 being the biggest one), even though game had no problems (except that HUD) to run on that resolution. Can't say why would that be.
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Re: HUD scaling issues on non-16:9 aspect ratios

There was a few widescreen resolutions we weren't supporting yet, but I'll add your feedback to the list.

As for the resolution bug, I'll forward this to the team. Thanks!
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