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Personal Ideas

So I have a couple of ideas

1) When you die and respawn if you could find your body and pick your loadout backup
1a) If a team mate leaves mid-session (if alive, their body dies instead of disappearing/despawning) or if already dead anyone could pick up their loadout or maybe the next in line. I know this would kind of mess up the "Role" Stats such as (Team,Ready,Fire,Assist) but in cases such as the convoy, if the "Team" player leaves then the grenade launcher would be out of commission.

2) Add another Role called "Support" and that's for when a player dies and is respawned. Since they won't have the original class for their role. But as I'm typing this, this idea does sound kinda chalked especially since it interferes with my first idea, idk

3) This one is also iffy, but being able to bring back soldiers bodies to convoy for XP, a side thing to do if players want to.

4) Further detailed stats, such as confirmed kills, assists, (a savior stat? where you save a team mate that's being shot at, maybe before they get incapacitated) this could either be per game and/or (global/all-time). Just to really see how much ones self has done.

That's all the ideas I have for right now, even if they are not accepted or agreed upon. It's just my personal opinions/what I would like to see.
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Re: Personal Ideas

Thanks for joining the forums and sharing your thoughts with us!
  1. We believe there needs to be a penalty for being KIA, and not respawning with the same loadout is what we landed on.
  2. Yes, we've noted quite a few suggestions around new roles. I'll add this to the list.
  3. This sounds similar to the suggestion of dragging downed teammates. I'll make a note.
  4. We'd like to expand career statistics as we continue development.
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