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Re: Difficulty Level

While I do think some adjustments could be made, (instant mortar or RPG death is not fun), I don’t think there needs to be multiple difficulty levels. The current level with some improvements teaches the importance of teamwork and tactics rather than just reaction time, and if the devs are focused on an accurate portrayal of the battle, they shouldn’t compromise the difficulty because some people say it’s too hard. The battle itself was difficult, and the game should reflect that.

Besides, making multiple difficulties requires making a choice between coding multiple AI behavior patterns (a very time consuming endeavor) or just adjusting damage from guns as a multiplier (something that isn’t realistic at all).
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Re: Difficulty Level

Once they tweaked the A.I some more it will be less difficult, the A.I still has the tendency to run out of their buildings sometimes straight at you. Sometimes when you peak around the corner there is usually just one standing there, in the middle of the street, looking menacingly.
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Re: Difficulty Level

And here are some gameplay MODs that start showing up.

I hope a flood is coming :)
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Re: Difficulty Level

From my point of view they could make it even harder to be even more realistic by increasing the AI intelligence, I saw some of them watching wrong direction althought weapon fire to their position, or not trying to hide.
Although the AI is yet so pertinent (one of the best I saw).

I played only 4 hours and in my last session we won 3 missions, so I would say that if you have the right coordination with your team, if you speak with them, if you keep grouping, if you have the right reflex (covering, support, eyes open, not playing like call of duty gamer :D) it is not so hard.

The first sessions difficulty is one of the elements that make this game so cool.
So my point of view is: do not nerf the difficulty, make it even more realistic <3.
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Re: Difficulty Level


From what I gather, most who are asking for a more forgiving alternative are simply asking for it as an selectable choice. ....a difficulty level that can be switched.

That change can come in many forms with various tweaks without making it a "CoD" twitch-shooter. I don't see that the developer's vision for the game needs to be compromised to accomplish that. It can still retain the realistic elements, etc. Some of those aspects that perhaps could be tweaked as an option might be an extension of mission time, reduction of enemy population, additional respawn, etc. Relatively minor adjustments that can make all the difference for some fans.

I know the game won't cater to everyone and I still vehemently believe it doesn't need to. However, I do see a difficulty level as a perfectly reasonable way to allow tweaks to the gameplay without compromising the experience for those that prefer it the way it is. It could provide more flexibility for developers in finding that ideal gameplay balance.

Personally, I'm on console so I'll have to wait until next year to get my hands on the game. .....but I know already that some in our group will have a harder time with the difficulty and probably won't like being rushed with the timer. Yeah, we're old but still like playing games like this. It would be nice (if we have to) selecting a lower difficulty level and then work our way up (if possible) to higher challenges. Maybe ranks could reflect that? ....better / unique rewards and standings for those playing harder difficulties.
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