A bit tired of the breadcrumbs

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A bit tired of the breadcrumbs

Hey Amper I want to start off by saying that I, along with many others on here, appreciate how active you are on the forum and how quickly you get use answers for most things. However, I did want to voice some concern and a bit of frustration.

It seems like that we've been getting less and less clarity and info later. I think it would be healthy for you guys to drop us a bigger SITREP and just give some more transparency as to why this game keeps getting pushed back over and over. The last SITREP was a bit lackluster considering how much more info we had gotten in previous ones. And while some new gameplay was nice to see, I don't think it did the game justice considering how choppy it looked. Now I know that was due to connection issues during the capture session but I was hoping we'd just get something a bit more substantial and polished. I think being a lot more transparent with how things are going, and what's holding up the release or even the beta testing, would go a long way in restoring faith in the progress of the game. I'm still looking forward to this game but the lack of solid info and constant push backs is getting a bit old.

I know there is only so much you, Amper, can probably say or push the devs to expose but I think the breadcrumbs is getting a bit old. We want a full meal to enjoy at this point to tide us over for a bit. Thanks.
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Re: A bit tired of the breadcrumbs

Hey Blade,

We agree: there has been a much slower drip of content than we’ve had in the past or would like to offer, and we know we’re testing everyone’s patience. This being said, you will see a lot more from us starting in February.

Thank you for sharing your frustration with us, too. We know it comes from a good place, and we ask that you guys continue sharing your thoughts on how we can improve our process. I’ve already shared this with our leadership, who told me they wholeheartedly agree.
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