Some pretty intense combat from fallujah

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Some pretty intense combat from fallujah

As the title suggests this footage is probably one of the more intense videos you can find on operation phantom fury, and if you read the comments a lot of people seem to agree with that, some of the notable parts of the video was when it first starts showing an M240 gunner firing at enemy positions in the distance, another clip shows a Bradley fighting vehicle fire a TOW missle at a buliding as well as firing its 25mm cannon.

Overall most of the fighting you see shows the Marines shooting from a distance as suppose to fighting house to house and you can't even really see what there shooting half the time, but that's pretty common in urban combat and combat in general, I've already brought this up but, I hope we also get more of these longer range engagements in six days.
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Re: Some pretty intense combat from fallujah

Thanks again for digging these references up for us. I've sent this to our research team!
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