Army weapon kits

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Army weapon kits

Since army units will be playable in six days thought I might as well ask some questions regarding this, in a QNA video by the devil dog gamer they stated that when not playing as Marines you will have the appropriate weapon kits such as special operation units and the army, which leads me to believe that the army units will be better equipped than the Marines since the Marines are notorious for older outdated equipment while it seems the army during the second battle of fallujah was more better equipped for CQB.
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As you can see by the image above all of thier rifles with the exception of the SAW all have CCOs which are much better than having to aim over your ACOG, while I still really like the ACOG I can already imagine it's going to be quite tricky aim over the ACOG making you less accurate with your shots, it seems the SAW would also get CCOs as shown by the image below.
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Something I found strange was how the M4 was not shown in the SITREP regarding USMC weapons until I I did more reaserch and realized that not only was the M4 not that common in fallujah, but also that the army was were the ones that mainly had access to the rifle.

EDIT:Not sure why the same picture was posted twice but whatever.
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Re: Army weapon kits

Thanks for the conversation on this! Yes, you'll be given the appropriate kits based on the unit. We're not quite ready to dive into these specifically yet, but know these are being developed with authenticity in mind.
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