Some quick questions

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Some quick questions

With the next SITREP being around AI I figured I would ask some questions around something else.

1)Will the player hold the gun by the magazine or barrel? or even still hold it by the magazine regardless of having a grip I'm asking this since after watching some combat footage most marines were still holding thier gun by the magazine despite having a grip same with other rifles.

2)will we see the mosberg 500?,despite having the m4 the since mosberg definitely saw combat during fallujah.
3)Will the M249 and M240 have the ability to switch between faster fire modes and will we see more variants of the SAW since the one we have right now is only the paratrooper version not upset just curious to see what else we'll have.

4)Will there be realistic sniping?I've already seen amper address generation kill so that means there probably aware of how accurate it is to the military the same could be said for its sniper scene where you have a spotter beside you calling out targets.

5)Will you be able to radio for backup if the situation gets dire or for a nearby Bradley.

6)Since there will be air support to an extent,will your soldiers discourage you or atleast question you for calling a danger close fire mission,mainly talking about artillery and an air strike from a jet,generation kill also has a really good example of this.And that's the end of the questions games looking really good and I'm eager too see what the next SITREP has to say since AI is something I've been dying to hear about since the game was announced.
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