Night optics and Marine gear

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Re: Night optics and Marine gear

Yep I agree, it shouldn't be so painful to use it takes the fun out of it. I pretty much agree with all the points above.

There are certain features that I think would enhance the experience though. Like auto-gating, mono-tubes allowing the player to see natural light outside of the NVG's, and different levels of ambient light allowing the NVG's to work better or worse. I did a little more research and here's a story from the Seizure of Qalat Sikar Airfield in 2003 from a Marine Recon unit: ... 202003.pdf

With less light the NVG's will work worse. In the Stalker Gamma game I mentioned that is a feature that works pretty well. Also it would be cool to use the PEQ-2's on the rifles to enhance the NVG's effectiveness. Most games don't really make use of IR illuminators, even the Stalker Gamma mod doesn't include that feature and I think that would be really cool. Also having the IR lasers only showing under NVG's would be really neat.

PVS-7's from what I can tell would cover your eyes and you might not be able to see much outside of the tube, whereas with monoculars like the PVS-14's you should be able to see natural light... After doing some more research there are some examples of PVS-7's that honestly don't look that bad. The problem is you can put more modern Image Intensifier Tube's into PVS-7's these days so I'm not 100% sure how they actually looked in 2004. I'm sure the team working on Six Days has asked about this sort of thing already. It would definitely be understandable if the quality of the nods in the game were better than they actually were for gameplay purposes and they showed some video or something of how bad it actually was. I think besides the actual quality though it would be cool to get a lot of the other details right.

Like in this video there's PVS-7's that honestly look pretty good:

But in this advertisement from the 90's looks pretty rough:

So yeah I wouldn't mind if they fudged the quality a little with better tubes than they may have actually had at the time. I just think there's other things that can be done to make it feel more authentic.
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Re: Night optics and Marine gear

I'm pretty sure IR lasers will be included in six days as they were pretty common in fallujah since PEQ-2s have already been confirmed, if I'm not mistaken @Absent your pretty new so I recommended giving the SITREPS a read when you have the time.
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