Some questions

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Some questions

1) Would that be also possible to play as a SAW gunner or breacher etc or only fire team leader?

2) As I understand there player can't drive vehicles, but maybe you can do at least that that player can control machine gun that is on top of the vehicle while AI teammates are driving it?

3) Will there be IED's and boobytraps?

4) So in majority of games (campaigne) player does room clearing by his own, player has to clear entire room while his AI teammates are just standing there, which is super unrealistlic and sometimes annoying. So my question is: when player approaches the door, will AI teammate come to player and help him with clearing, like two man clearing or three man clearing?

Thank you
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Re: Some questions

Welcome to the community!

1. Roles are determined by the mission in the single-player campaign, and there is more flexibility on this in co-op. We'll be talking more about this in the next SITREP.

2. Most of our combat is very deliberate CQB, but maybe there's a place for this. Thanks for the suggestion.

3. There will absolutely be booby traps and IEDs alongside spider holes.

4. Yes, our AI will coordinate with you as the fireteam leader and respond to Go Commands. We haven't gone into these in-depth, but know that your AI will be an asset over a hindrance (as they should be).
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