Destructible environment.

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Destructible environment.

Sorry if it's annoying but just a random question, I'm opening this thread since obviously we know Full scale destruction is not in this new version. But what about small things that we can break? Will we be able to shoot out light sources even if there's no mechanic to cover ourselves better in the darkness for example?

This is one of the things that old games usually did better than newer ones, they had more attention to detail, while the latter have great presentation and graphics.

Edit: Just completely forgot, the city's electrical current was shut off during the early stages, as Amper pointed out so this probably won't be in, I assume.
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Re: Destructible environment.

Sorry I missed this, Karma.

Initially, most of the destruction will be limited to smaller props but we’ll expand this capability over time. While there will be some occasional lights you can shoot out, we haven’t put a lot of energy into this because most of the electricity in the city was out. And, this has an effect on shadows which is another pile to tackle.
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