A few questions out of curiosity.

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A few questions out of curiosity.

Hello. i'm new to this community i've been following this project since it's announcement last year. I have a few questions about some specific aspects that i'd like to share.

1. Regarding the procedural architecture are there any instances were the layout of roads may change?

2. Is it possible for insurgents to actually search the interiors of buildings similar to the players teammates?

3. Do the larger buildings (the ones that seem like apartments) actually have fully modeled/generated interiors?

4. This one is oddly specific i know. Are the electrical cables running along walls and interiors of buildings actually generated?. I'm just interested as i see that the live-wires connecting to poles are actually generated witch is an impressive detail.

As you can see most of these questions are related to the procedural stuff. But that's was fascinates me the most on a tech level about this project as nothing like this has been done before. As launch gets closer i would also love
to see a more in-depth look at how the tech changes the buildings and environment. :D
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Re: A few questions out of curiosity.

Hey Zen,

Thanks for asking these. I'll answer as much as I can!

1. The road layouts will not change, at least not initially. There are cases where the layouts of the roads were critical to why real-life scenarios happened the way they did. Technically speaking, there’s no reason they can’t, but it creates some design challenges. This could evolve over time, though.

2. Yes, there are some Insurgent types that will very actively search the interiors of buildings for players.

3. Yes, the larger buildings have fully modeled interiors, most of which also change procedurally.

4. The electrical cables are a mix of procedurally generated and templates. We're not keeping track of how electricity flows through them because most of the power to the city was turned off early in the battle.
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Re: A few questions out of curiosity.

Like the OP, this mechanic (procedural generation) is of great interest to me for one big reason. .....replayability.

This is a big selling point for folks like myself and my friends. Unfortunately, games like Insurgency Sandstrom (in relation to coop) becomes very predictable not only because of the maps that don't change but also the enemy behavior. As result, the game had a short shelf life for us (among other reasons like forced matchmaking with "randoms").

A procedurally generated city is something that sounds really enticing but I have had concerns, in particular as to how deep this mechanic goes. I hope this is something you folks will delve into with one of your future SITREPs.

I will say that it's good to hear that at least most of the buildings will have interior layouts that will change but I hope the variation and extent of different assets (e.g. rooms, etc.) will be enough that there won't be a feeling of repetition or over familiarity.

Just as important (IMO) will be enemy AI behavior. Even if there is great diversity in procedurally generated buildings, gameplay can feel repetitive if the AI makes predictable moves / decisions.

Anyhow, I still have high hopes for this game but this is simply the kind of stuff that runs through my mind on the topic. Either way, I'm excited to learn more as we get closer to a release.
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Re: A few questions out of curiosity.

Based on what we've seen, I think the game will have a lot of replayability becatof the constantly changing rooms and even if there are only like 10 different types of rooms for interiors, that's a lot of possibilities with mixing and matching so I don't think it will get old. I would agree that the only thing that could get "predictable" would be the behavior of the AI but I really don't see that being an issue if the designs are different because I would assume that would force the AI to think differently when going into each building.
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