I think the game being open-ended instead of linear is a good idea.

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Rafael Valor
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I think the game being open-ended instead of linear is a good idea.

Many games have interruptive gameplay moments, like cutscenes, scripted setpieces, QTEs, etc.. that take you out of the game.

I've recently played Far Cry 2 and in my opinion, it's a breathtaking experience that sadly, many gamers underestimated back in 2008 for it's "punishing" premise, so to speak. You had guns that would jam which eventually went out for good, a malaria mechanic to keep you in check, and a realistic passage of time (yes, even more realistic than MGSV, for all intents and purposes it was great game but the day/night cycle lasted less).

It was a fairly open game, with plenty of ways to tackle an objective, you could decimate entire enemy bases with your sniper rifle, shooting barrels that caused fires so the enemies could leave their cover or you could sneak at night where visibility was lower which made the player harder to spot.

You could move even during "cutscenes" when you were being briefed for the upcoming mission, It had none of the interruptive gameplay events that blockbuster AAA games usually have, it tends to get boring quick and i feel my intelligence is being questioned at times. It's like developers expect you to play like a small toddler, probably because as i grew older i became a better gamer, i am less twitchy when it comes to reaction times though.

It's important to have a dregree of freedom during games, while also keeping restrictions to a minimum, although some restrictions are great, like in MGS3 where you shoot The Boss, if the player missed his shots it would be an anti-climatic experience, i'm happy with the end result we got. The Last of Us had a similar issue, at the end of the game regarding the death of the doctor operating on Ellie, basically shooting at his feet would make him fall emotionless like a sack of potatoes as if he had a "brain" there, my immersion was shattered right there.

Thank you for reading this, i like rambling about game design.

~ Rafael
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