Climbing over walls

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Climbing over walls

This seems to take forever. If you watch the bots, they climb over upright, sitting on top, every time. As the game is first person and I can't watch myself climb, I assume that the players do the same. Why? You want to keep yourself as small of a target as possible. As you go over, your belly should stay on the wall and never sit up. Also, why does it seem like it takes 2 days to get over? This animation needs to be sped up.

Another thing with the wall climb, when a player is wounded they can not climb over a wall. I like this aspect but there should be a way for a friendly to assist in a climb for the wounded. The healthy player could go to a knee and bend over to offer a step for the wounded so it isn't such a tall climb or the healthy player goes up, turns and offers a hand to the wounded. Yes this would put the player in danger for an extended amount of time, but that is what you have covering fire for. Also, you don't have to help. Tell him to go around. But the option would be nice.
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Re: Climbing over walls

Yes, player vault animations do involve a brief moment of sitting up to collect yourself and move over.

We've also received suggestions on improving the speed of this animation, as well as allowing other players to help each other with vaulting. Thanks for the feedback on this, and I'll send these over to the team.
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