Six Days Coming to Early Access on Steam

Official news and announcements for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Six Days Coming to Early Access on Steam

We're excited to announce that Six Days in Fallujah will enter Early Access on June 22 with four co-operative four-player missions set on urban maps that change shape each time the game is played.

As you know, our goal is to create a videogame that helps all of us better understand what combat is about, as well as the extraordinary people who've served in combat on our behalf. This starts with an experience that is much more realistic than other games have offered.

We believe we've now reached the point where we can start sharing what we've been working on with you. We're doing this now for two reasons:
  1. The basic co-op experience we've been working on is ready, and we want to put it in your hands now, so you can help us shape Six Days into a long-lasting real-world tactical shooter that's able to innovate continually for years to come.
  2. As we've seen from reactions to our announcements, players have high expectations for Six Days in Fallujah. To a large extent, these expectations are set by the mega-franchises we all play. But Activision now spends $300 million developing each new Call of Duty, and this is many, many orders of magnitude more capital than any independent developer could raise for a new game. While we don't need to spend $300 million to make a really great Six Days in Fallujah, we do need to close some of the gap to make Six Days all it should be.
So, Early Access will start with a robust and compelling co-op experience that we believe does a much better job capturing the intensity and tactics of actual combat than any videogame released so far. Next, we'll add AI-controlled teammates, more co-op missions, special operator missions, more nationalities, a single-player campaign that recreates true stories told to us first-hand by the Americans and Iraqis who were there -- and bring all of this to consoles.

We hope you'll check it out and continue offering us the wonderful feedback and encouragement that's helped us get to this critical milestone! Thank you for being with us since our global announcement, and we’re excited for the community to finally get their hands on Six Days.

Peter Tamte
CEO, Victura