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Community Poll: Aiming & Shooting

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2024 8:55 am
by AmperCamper
Today, we’re kicking off a new community activity—Community Polls!

Community feedback is critical to our development process, and we're always looking for new ways in which players can share their thoughts with us.

We’re targeting feedback related to our Aiming and Shooting Quality Update, and we've opened four questions to the community in our official Discord server.

How to Participate

Join our Discord community and navigate to the "Feedback" category. Emoji react to each of the four questions in the "community polls" channel to submit your response. Please note that players can only submit one vote per poll.


The poll opens today, March 26th, and runs until Tuesday, April 2nd! This gives players one full week to submit their responses.

Thank you to everyone for participating!