Community Letter - February 11, 2021

Official news and announcements for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Community Letter - February 11, 2021

A letter to our community:

Throughout history, we've tried to understand our world through stories of events that happened to somebody else. Six Days in Fallujah asks you to solve real-life challenges from one of this century's toughest battles for yourself.

We believe that trying to do something for ourselves can help us understand not just what happened, but why it happened the way it did. Video games can create insight and empathy in ways other media cannot.

More than 100 Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians have shared their stories with us, so you can participate in them through this unique, interactive medium. We hope that experiencing their extraordinary "moments of truth" will give each of us a new perspective into a conflict that has shaped so much of our century, as well as the people who've sacrificed so much because of it.