Q1 Focus: Quality & Controls

Official news and announcements for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Q1 Focus: Quality & Controls

To our community,

As we continue late-stage development of our long-awaited AI Fireteam Control features, it has also become clear there are a number of improvements we should make to the basic game experience and quality. Therefore, while our AI team continues its progress on our AI Fireteam features, other parts of our team are upgrading the game quality and experience.

Here are some of the improvements that will be released during the next three months:
  • Significant adjustments to player flinch/evade system
  • Improved weapon aiming, alignment, and accuracy
  • Reduced situations where weapon is forced lower
  • Tuned mortar targeting and accuracy
  • Reduced ability of AI to target players unrealistically at distance
  • Fix bugs allowing AI to see through smoke
  • Fix bugs affecting game difficulty
  • Upgraded interaction system to create smoother experience
  • Tuned player movement speeds and sprint controls
  • Reduced stumbling over objects
  • Improved reliability and clarity of in-game VOIP
  • Significantly fewer lost network connections and dropped games
  • Fix known crashing and hanging bugs
  • Fix remaining issues that can wipe player progression
  • Improved performance, especially on mid-range machines
It has also become clear that we need an exciting tutorial mission to help all players better understand the Marine tactics needed to be successful in both co-op and single-player, as well as how to use the controls needed to direct their AI fireteams.

Although you’ll see a steady pace of improvements throughout the next three months, late-Q2 is a more realistic timeframe for us to release our AI Fireteam features. We know many of you have been waiting a long time for our GO! commands and AI Fireteam features, and we can assure you that these features are indeed in the later stages of development, and they will play a central role in our future. For our fans eagerly awaiting consoles, these are still planned alongside our full release on PC.

As always, you can follow our development progress with our updated roadmap.

Finally, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting our very first Developer Q&A to give players the opportunity to ask questions directly to our development team in response to our announcement. We’ll be collecting questions on our official Discord server, and we’ll have more details about this early next week. Please join the community conversation!

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