Official news and announcements for Six Days in Fallujah.
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Which platforms will Six Days in Fallujah support?

We plan to release on current and next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, as well as Windows PC.

‍When will it be released?

We’re targeting a release late in 2021.

‍Who is making the game?

The game is produced and published by Victura and developed by Highwire Games.

‍Why are you making this game?

We originally started this project because we wanted to share some extraordinary stories we had been told about remarkable people and events from this battle. As we listened to these stories, we also began to realize how different videogame combat was from the real thing, and also how videogames could communicate powerful truths about world-changing events in ways other media could not. You can read more about why we’re making this game in our open letter to the community on our website.

‍Will you recreate the death of a real Marine or Soldier?

We will not recreate the death of a specific servicemember during gameplay without their family’s permission. Instead, Marines and Soldiers describe the sacrifices of their teammates during video interviews.

‍Will I always play as an American?

No. Multiple countries had forces in the city, not all of which have been acknowledged publicly. Additionally, the single-player campaign includes some high-intensity stealth missions in which you play as an un-armed Iraqi civilian.

‍Will I play as an insurgent?

No, you’ll never play as an insurgent during the single-player campaign, or in a multiplayer recreation of an actual event.

‍Was the US government involved in making the game? Will they use the game for recruiting?

The US government is not involved in making the game, nor are there any plans to use it for recruiting. The Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who’ve helped us participated as private citizens, and the game is being financed independently through private investors.

‍How are you helping service members outside the game?

A portion of the proceeds from Six Days will be donated to organizations supporting coalition service members who have been most affected by the war on terror. Our focus will be on those whom traditional relief efforts are not yet reaching. Marines, Soldiers, and civilians who’ve helped us create the game will be deeply involved in directing these donations.